Better Marketing. Better Returns.

Your land is unique, selling your property requires knowledgeable, experienced brokers that know can reach more buyers at the right time.

  • Since 1977 - Extensive Network of Buyers

    Our extensive network of farm families, agriculture professionals, farmland investors and land owners help our clients achieve their goals for selling with equitable returns. We directly call, email, meet with the right buyers for your property.

  • Telling Your Story

    The unique features & history of your farm or land are vital to the sale of your property. We take the time to listen and understand why your property is special and determine the best way to connect with the ideal buyer.

  • Follow Through

    We believe in being thorough, timely and dependable to ensure you and our buyers are satisfied. We do what we say and say what we do.

  • Advertising | Local, Regional & National

    Your listing will reach the markets where the buyers are. We regularly advertise in local & regional publications in both print and on the web and our website attracts volumes of visitors from across the globe who are interested in buying. Together, we target the right buyers at the right time.

  • Public & Private Auction Services

    Our unique listing + farm real estate auction combo is referred to as the “Winning Combination.” When the timing and market factors influencing farmland values dictate, we provide specialized & targeted marketing campaigns to specific farmland buyers, we’re highly successful at high returns on farmland sales. Our many clients can attest to our service, ask us how we can help you sell your farm with a “Winning Combination Auction™”

  • Photography, Video & Brochures

    A picture is worth a thousand words. From quality photography to professionally designed brochures, we take the time to give your property the attention and look it deserves. Aerial photography and video can also be produced for even more effective marketing of your farm and land.

  • Published Authors

    Our experience and knowledge have helped us gain expert status in the field of farm and land real estate. As regularly published authors on issues related to buying and selling farms, land and wooded hunting property, we offer you a unique advantage, getting more eyes see our land brokerage firm and a leg up when it comes to selling listings.

  • Website Marketing, SEO, PPC and Directory Listings

    Our website and blog attract visitors from across the country that are interested in buying and investing in Indiana farmland and real estate.  Qualified buyers and brokers look at our listings daily to see the latest properties to enter the for sale market. Our online marketing team has over 14 years of experience, this results in connecting more buyers with our listings.

Our farmland brokers are experts in their fields and are passionate about helping you reach your goals – whether financial, legal or conservation minded, you can expect the best service, effort and follow up to help you sell your farmland. Gesweing Farm & Land understands the special requirements of selling Indiana farmland. We have the experience to handle land issues such as water, wells and irrigation, wind turbine leases, CRP/WHIP/EQUIP conservation easements, wildlife habitat enhancement, 1031 tax deferred exchanges and more.

You deserve the best possible service and are treated with the Golden Rule. No matter what county your Indiana farm, hunting property or wooded real estate is located in, we can help you reach your goals of fair and equitable returns.

Better Marketing for Better Returns.

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