Transitional Land & Development Land For Sale


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Transitional Land for Sale & Investment into Development Parcels, Tracts and Farmland.

Savvy investors in the land real estate market choose Geswein Farm & Land to help them identify, buy and sell transitional land for development to greatest and highest use value.

Since 1977 we’ve helped investors, farmers and developers solve challenges, create opportunity and secure successful “Win-Win” land real estate scenarios.

5 Ways We Help You Solve the Challenges of Transitional Land

  1. Identification of transitional land trends
  2. Timing of Purchases
  3. Timing / Method of Sale
  4. Leveraging Purchases
  5. Our strong network of buyers & sellers

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5 Important Factors influencing the Land Values for Development Land

  • Zoning changes
  • Annexation to city limits
  • New & Improved City Utility Services
  • Population Increases
  • Proximity to Business, Retail or Residential Developments

Advising & Consulting

Development Land for Sale Johnny Klemme Geswein Farms for sale

Husband, Father, Author, Land Broker & Advisor

Helping Landowners & Investors with Farmland, Transitional Land & Development Land

Professional Land Broker & Advisor – Johnny Klemme

Contact Johnny for Planning and Consulting for:

  • Strategies for income-producing transitional land holdings
  • Multiplying profits during holding periods
  • Timing & Purchase Negotiation

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