Consulting with Farm Families Since 1977

  • Consultation

    At your kitchen table or at the family farm, we meet with farm families to listen and discuss issues & opinions related to transfer, timing and options. Taking the time to consult with a third party helps improve the outcome for all family members involved.

  • Identify What’s Important

    Whether the decision is financial, legal or emotional, we help identify and understand what is important to each family member. Helping you sort out a decision to move forward that takes all opinions & viewpoints into consideration. The goal is a win-win for all family members.

  • Improve the Outcome

    There are always ways to improve the outcome, if your family is willing to try. It will take time, but a solution exists when everyone is willing to start the conversation.

Knowledgeable, Respectful & Proactive

“Working with Johnny was a real pleasure. He was knowledgeable, respectful, proactive when things began to happen quickly and thorough when we worked towards and ultimately through closing. My sisters and I appreciated his gentle heart towards us in light of the circumstances of our sale. He kept in close contact with us from the onset right through to the day we closed. He has even checked in a few times since then to see how we are doing. We highly recommend his services to a potential seller or buyer.”

Johnson Family, 80 Acres

Heirs and trustees of the family farm often face the difficult task of selling or transitioning the farm to the next generation. Families faced with these once-in-a-lifetime challenge are not alone, as many of our most satisfied clients have been in your shoes before. Whether the decision and conversation is rooted in financial, legal, or emotional concerns, we specialize in helping in this sensitive area.

Many of our most satisfied clients have been in your shoes.
Ed Geswein

Ed Geswein

Principal Broker & Consultant

Calm and easy going, Ed is very effective and professional. He understands that good communication is most important for the land marketing process to be pleasant and successful. Heirs to many family farms will attest to it.

Johnny Klemme

Johnny Klemme

Land Broker & Consultant

Attentive and easy going, Johnny excels in balancing a variety of viewpoints & opinions to develop creative solutions for all parties involved. He understands that each family member’s needs and goals are unique and how important this is in the difficult decision to sell the family farm.

When making the decision of what to do with your farm, there are many factors and objectives for each family member. Identifying these goals is a vital first step to moving forward and helping reduce the arguments that may occur. As the leading family farm consultants in West Central Indiana, we appreciate the opportunity to help navigate the sensitive area of selling the family farm.

Consulting with Trustees, Heirs and Family Farm Owners Since 1977

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