Wooded Property for Sale in Indiana

Rare, Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunities

We are very proud to bring to market a unique, curated collection of wooded, riverfront and hunting or conservation properties in the infamous Wabash River Corridor.

Legacy Wooded Property in the Shawnee Bottoms & Wabash Erie Canal

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When it’s time to buy or sell wooded property and land, talk to the land brokers who understand.

As specialists in wooded land in West Central Indiana, we’re very fortunate to have this great opportunity to explore, share and help you our valued buyers with the purchase of your dream property in rural Indiana.


Aerial View of Wet Indiana Farms

It’s no secret that the corn and soybean fields and farms in Indiana have gotten plenty of rain in 2015. We asked our friends at Zumwalt Aviation, an aerial seeding, spraying and application company in Sheldon, Illinois to give us a view of from above. Below is an image gallery that shows the ponding that still exists throughout much of the corn belt including farms in Indiana and farmland in Illinois.

*Note that you can see ponds, nitrogen streaking and loss of nutrients dues to heavy rainfall.


Benton County Indiana Farmland home to New Amazon Web Services Wind Farm

Internet giant Amazon recently announced as part of their sustainable energy policy the plan to construct and operate a 150 megawatt wind farm on Benton County, Indiana farmland. Working with Pattern Energy Group, the new wind energy farm will supply approximately 500,000 megawatt hours of wind power each year.

Expected to be fully operation and online in 2016, the Amazon Web Services Wind Farm (Fowler Ridge) will be used exclusively to power Amazon AWS data centers.

This new Indiana farmland wind energy project (enough to power about 46,000 average homes in the US for a year) will be used to “power both current and future AWS datacenters.” writes Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist for Amazon Web Services.

Benton County, Indiana, known primarily for some of the most productive farmland in the State of Indiana is home to the first wind farm in the state. In total, current online and operational Benton County wind farms collectively generate approximately 838 megawatts through nearly 500 wind turbines.

For more information on Benton County, Indiana and wind farm tours visit http://www.bentoncounty.in.gov/windfacts

Have a Safe Harvest in 2014!

It’s that time of year, there is a slight crispness to the air and freshness with every breeze. As I cruise down the local country roads or talk a walk through the fields, corn ears are dropping, soybean leaves are falling. I’ve seen a handful of combines in Southern Tippecanoe and Montgomery counties cutting beans and it won’t be long until harvest is in full swing.

Be cautious on country roads, Slow Moving Vehicles, tractors and combines, are moving to the fields. Take a moment and slow down


Have a safe harvest! 

Wildlife, Forests & Natural Resources Gallery

These photographs document my interest in the wildlife, forests and the natural resources of the state of Indiana and the Hoosier Heartland. From the productive agricultural land producing corn and soybeans to the state parks and conservation easement properties that preserve the quality of our water and soil.